Current Favorite iPad Apps

This isn’t a list of apps I’m recommending or new apps I’ve downloaded; it’s the list of the ones I’ve played with and enjoyed most this week (which in a roundabout way is a recommendation, I guess!).

Low Carb Diet Assistant–helps me track what I eat every day, including the number of carbs and calories.

The Heist–is my new Angry Birds except way cooler. The 4 different puzzle types are great for waiting around a doctor’s office or the DMV, or just hanging out at home.

Tofu Tai Chi–I think it’s the stretchy sound that this little cube of tofu makes as you maneuver him around and through the booby traps, but it soothes me.

McSweeney’sI like getting little tidbits each week from such an awesome magazine.

The New Yorker –actually makes the magazine easier to navigate and less overwhelming than in hard copy, plus lots of extra features (slide shows, etc.) available.

New York Magazine–The layout and images are gorgeous, plus it’s easy to keep my back issues with me and read snippets as I find time.

Flashboard–LOVE THIS!!! Finally able to collect all the topics that interest me in one place so I can catch up on all the latest news in moments instead of searching the web for an hour.

Kindle–I still love my Kindle more for reading a novel (much easier on the eyes) but I can download cookbooks to my Kindle, view them on my iPad and see them in all their full-color glory. Plus, I can make dated annotations that look like sticky notes on the recipes.

The New York Times–I’ve been reading the Times on my Kindle for about a year and a half now, and just this weekend realized my subscription allows me to view the full NYT site through the app for iPad as well. Lots of extra-rich content, full color images, video and more. Still think the Kindle app makes it easier to navigate through the stories from start to finish (with no ads) but the iPad app is much closer to reading the hard copy paper, which is especially nice on a Sunday.

–Updated July 13, 2011


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