Re-Mused: Bon Jovi and Garden Gnomes

This post was published originally on May 16, 2010 . It was and still is so popular that I wanted to give it another go. Enjoy!


So I admit I’m happy to see my site views steadily rising over time, especially since they remain steady even with a week to 10 days between posts.

I’m inspired to keep writing because so many people keep visiting my blog about everyday inspiration.

What worries me is what inspires you, readers.

I’m just going to come out and say it…I’m a little bit concerned that the searches that lead you to my blog are most often some sort of Bon Jovi-related query: Jon Bon Jovi’s kids, Bon Jovi’s family pix, pictures of young Jon Bon Jovi, and my favorite: Bon Jovi chest hair (way to stay classy, America!).

I wrote ONE post on the retro happiness of going to see Bon Jovi at the RBC Center in Raleigh in February, and since then that single post gets the majority of reads EVERY day.

Hey, I’m not knocking it; I wrote the post; I like Bon Jovi (although I’m not fascinated about how or why his once-hairy chest is now smooth like a baby’s bottom…); the concert was a lot of fun; I’m thrilled that so many people out there can relate to fandom and enjoy the music; and I definitely want you to keep reading my blog.

But people, Bon Jovi is only a small part of My Accidental Muse! There are so many inspirational ideas out here and I’ve tried to write about them–Giant purses! Red lipstick! Irish soda bread! Angry Birds! Cedar Rapids, Iowa! The controversy of how to cut a cheese sandwich! Lists! Leftovers! Santa Claus!

Okay, okay…I see what ya mean…

Wherever you find your everyday inspiration, more power to you. That’s really the whole point of this blog, after all.

However, I’m still a little embarrassed for you about what the runner-up to Bon Jovi is for most popular search topic.

Garden gnomes.

You people need help. :0)

Thanks for reading!

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