MUSINGS (or What I Like Now): Elf on a Shelf

The Elf on a Shelf is truly worthy of a full blog post, no doubt about it. Of particular interest to me is the newly marketed “girl” version of the thing, which is EXACTLY like the boy version except it has earrings (right, because everyone knows BOYS don’t wear earrings) but only wears a skirt if you buy one separately. The truth is, in years past, I just found the thing a little creepy. This year, it’s just full-blown annoying.

You might be saying, Patricia, why choose the Elf as your inaugural MUSING post? You clearly don’t like him. (Er, her. It? She/he? Transgendered? I have no idea…)

MUSING posts are brief, where I tell you about something that is inspiring me right now. I’m not having much of a Christmas season, but thanks to my friends on Facebook, the Elf is pervasive. That slightly evil, slap-happy grin seems to find its way to my news feed on a daily basis, and that has resulted in some creative inspiration.

I have thought of hundreds of ways to torture that Elf, or at the very least, bring him over to the dark side. After Christmas, when the pathetic little fiend is thrown in a 50% off bin, I will acquire one to use in many wrong ways next Christmas.  Every day, friends will see what my Elf is up to (I think wine, women, and revelry will be involved). It won’t be pretty but it will be funny. And I have a whole year to plot out each and every scene.


So that’s what I’m musing on right now–how to use the power of the Elf on the Shelf for evil.

You’re welcome.

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2 Responses to MUSINGS (or What I Like Now): Elf on a Shelf

  1. bradylife says:

    I bet you, if we ask really nice, your elf could get a picture with a certain Joe. Or one of his Hoes. 🙂

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