Where I’ve Been–Or Haven’t

Usually when bloggers return to posting after a long (okay, fine, ridiculously uncalled-for time warp-like) absence, they make their first post all about what they’ve been doing during that time, which inevitably has made them both better people and better writers.

I am not that blogger.

Here are the things I was NOT doing while I ignored The Muse so completely:

  • I was NOT becoming the next J.K. Rowling.
  • I was NOT making babies (thank goodness!)
  • I was not eating my way through Italy, praying my way through India and loving my way through the third place I can’t remember off the top of my head
  • I was not saving Her Majesty’s Secret Service while wearing a tux and drinking martinis
  • I was not shooting a failed television show
  • I was not in the TARDIS for what seemed like five minutes to me but was actually seven months
  • I was not is a secret bunker riding out the crazy and annoying election coverage (unfortunately)
  • I was NOT writing

Leaving out the boring details, here is what I was doing while I was gone: making changes in my working life that give me more time to write, and laying out a plan regarding what I want to write and how/when I’m going to do it.

First on that list is AlterNaWriMo. Nope, not a typo. It’s my own version of National Novel Writing Month in which I ignore the “No.” More on that soon.

For now, I’m leaving this one short and sweet, which as you know, is a rarity for me.

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