How spam can make you happier

You don’t have to be a writer or an artist to use creative prompts. Every day I get tons of spam emails that allow me to imagine, for a few moments,  off-the-wall ideas and scenarios.

Try it sometime when you need a mental break. Think about the stories that might have generated these subject lines I’ve recently received—yes, they are all genuine–and if  you find yourself thinking too literally about them, try the old fortune cookie trick of adding “in bed.”

  • Mom turns $47 into $5130
  • Forget the candy. Give chicken this Valentine’s Day.
  •  You, Me and Clay Aiken.
  •  Hey, eHarmony’s got a new site and it’s for OLD members.
  •  You can actually make a living as a writer!
  •  Adele is done with being a “bitter witch.”
  •  See photos of 50+ singles in your area.
  •  Incorporate in Nevada!
  •  Decrease your dryer time in half
  •  Focus on heart failure
  •  Invest in a walk-in tub
  •  New interactive widescreen touch all-in-ones
  •  Remove dryer lint from hard to reach places
  •  The revolution of cookware
  •  No more ridiculous phone bills
  •  Sunrooms mean comfort
  •  Insane woodworking plans
  •  Worker found dead in pork packing plant
  •  You’re advanced the amount of $1485!
  •  Somebody just ran a background check on you.
  •  Clean your dryer vents and decrease drying time!
  •  Wastewater plant murder case goes to trial
  •  Kardashian Skin Care
  •  No more paying for electricity
  •  51-year-old mom looks 27

Are you laughing yet? I hope so. Have a nice day!

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