101 Random Things About Me

Sometimes when we’re trying to figure things out, when we want some guidance about what to do next, long for a way to jumpstart change, or simply find a creative solution for an everyday problem, it’s best to think inside the box. In other words, what do you already know about yourself that you can use and transform?

So here’s some random stuff about me, for what it’s worth.

  1. One of my personal heroes is Coco Chanel.
  2. I usually have boroleum slathered on my lips. It’s tingly.
  3. I will always choose the wrong direction when driving.
  4. I sleep with a teddy bear when I’m alone.
  5. Sometimes I want to smash people in the face; so far I haven’t.
  6. I have a temper.
  7. I say that I love Thai food, but I only ever order panang curry chicken because it was the first thing I tried and I love it so much.
  8. I have been in love once and just about nobody knows who with.
  9. I have been heartbroken (for stupid reasons) many times.
  10. A million years ago I wrote a series of children’s activity books for a publisher called The Education Center.
  11. I subscribe to approximately 23 magazines, most of them fashion, food, and literary.
  12. I always carry one of those mini packages of tissues in my purse.
  13. Also in my purse is one tampon, one condom, one mini bottle of Excedrin and an eyelash curler. You never know.
  14. My purse is HUGE.
  15. My goal is to own everything I possibly can in leopard-print.
  16. I always tip at least 20 percent unless the service was bad.
  17. I went to Syracuse. I graduated in three years.
  18. I didn’t want to go to Syracuse. I wanted to go to Boston University but it was too expensive.
  19. I still regret not choosing Northwestern or Columbia.
  20. Ambien changed my life.
  21. I can’t draw but I still like to.
  22. I can’t sing so I don’t.
  23. I have purses in black, brown, sky blue, yellow, beige, green, patent navy blue, leopard-print, butterfly-print, and a zillion colors, but I still haven’t found the perfect red one.
  24. Red is my favorite color.
  25. People think they know me by my outward appearance. They don’t.
  26. I want a tattoo. Or three.
  27. I want a nose stud.
  28. I like living alone because I like ruling my abode AND my time.
  29. I love kids.
  30. I don’t want to have kids.
  31. I’m a terrible baker because the directions are too precise.
  32. I work in technical public relations.
  33. At my first job, someone had to show me how to turn on my computer.
  34. Unless required to look really, really sexy, I’d much rather be wearing my Dankso clogs.
  35. Panties and bras should match. ‘Nuff said.
  36. I will never again let a man take over my side of the bed in my own house.
  37. I have rheumatoid arthritis.
  38. Pepperoni on pizza grosses me out.
  39. I have 46 blank books in my house right now. Yes, it’s an obsession. What if I run out of paper?
  40. I’m ADD but too distracted to decide how to treat it.
  41. I believe Tinkerbell’s tantrums were totally justified.
  42. Boy shorts, bikinis or thongs.
  43. Boxer briefs for you.
  44. I’m not changing your kid’s diaper.
  45. I’ve had gastric bypass surgery.
  46. I want lots of plastic surgery (below the neck).
  47. I want to own a cabin in Asheville where I can escape to write.
  48. I love the ocean.
  49. I recently bought some cheese that cost $18.99 a pound. The piece I purchased cost $4.31.
  50. I read War & Peace in 4 days in college. Was hallucinating at the end for lack of sleep or food.
  51. I once swarmed a limo that had Eddie Van Halen inside.
  52. The first opera I ever saw was “Tosca.” I was 10. Did I mention Tosca throws herself off the top of a castle out of despair in the end?
  53. I went to that castle when I was 17. I did not throw myself off the top.
  54. Someone once (recently) told me I was “cute as a bag of buttons.” The thing is, are buttons REALLY all that cute?
  55. I like goatees.
  56. I like riding on the back of a motorcycle.
  57. I like men with tattoos on their forearms. And their backs. And their upper arms. Sigh.
  58. I want to go to Paris.
  59. I want to go to London.
  60. I want to live in Italy.
  61. Humidity pisses me off.
  62. And you know what, Arizona and Nevada? “Dry heat” pisses me off, too.
  63. I still have my childhood doll, Mina. She went to college with me to get educated and is now still an important part of the household.
  64. All I want in life is a house with a library. Wall-to-wall, built-in bookshelves.
  65. I can be tempestuous, but it beats the crap out of being milquetoast.
  66. My mom doesn’t like when I use the word “crap.”
  67. I saw Billy Joel at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse and 20 years later, I fell for a guy who we think was probably sitting in the row behind me at that show.
  68. I always forget to put on sunscreen when I drive with the top down.
  69. I may eventually forgive, but I will never forget. It’s a curse.
  70. Best money I ever spent: my Tassimo coffee machine, my iPod, my house, my MINI Cooper.
  71. Irish brogues melt me.
  72. I don’t like cologne on men. I want a man to smell like a man.
  73. I like when my dad calls me “Bombolina.”
  74. The “shuffle-all-songs” function on iPod never ceases to entertain me.
  75. I have almost 16,000 songs on my iPod.
  76. Little things are just cuter. Unfortunately.
  77. I like Fiona as an ogre.
  78. The last 10 years of my life have changed me profoundly.
  79. I prefer sunflowers, gerber daisies, anemones, and poppies to roses.
  80. I had one perfect Valentine’s Day, and it was long-distance.
  81. I would pack up everything tomorrow and move to Seattle or San Francisco if things were different.
  82. My cousin’s twins are adorable. I want them!
  83. Only have about four greys at the moment so I haven’t tried to hide them. I’m very sure I will go white overnight, though.
  84. Don’t care about being 40.
  85. Most people say I don’t look 40.
  86. I LOVE Philosophy skincare for this reason.
  87. I have drafts of two novels and two memoirs that need looking after, since I also have proposal ideas for two non-fiction books on tap!
  88. I like to cook. I want to cook for you.
  89. Every time shit happens, I cry. And then I come out on the other side in a better situation. So fuck you, crying.
  90. You can’t handle me. No, really, you can’t.
  91. I LOVE to read. Let’s read the Sunday New York Times in bed with coffee. Of course, I’ll be reading it on my iPad.
  92. I have a bucket of nail polish colors in my fridge. Yes, really. My mother takes it out every time she visits; I put it back in when she leaves.
  93. I watch “Murder She Wrote” and “Poirot.” A lot.
  94. Did I mention I read a lot? Too much. I am sure I will die due to an avalanche of magazines and books landing on top of me. Be forewarned.
  95. I’m impetuous. Sometimes I do or say things without thinking. Hopefully you will think this is all part of my charm.
  96. My favorite thing on the Wii is the boxing workout.
  97. I will always, always, always, be a city girl at heart.
  98. I know I will one day be arrested at an art museum. It is soooooo hard to stop myself from touching the art.
  99. Sexiest men on earth: George Clooney, Robert Downey, Jr., Jon Stewart and Chris Cornell.
  100. Sometimes when I feel I am totally happy or at peace, I suddenly panic that it’s only because I’ve forgotten something.
  101. I’m a handful. A fun handful. Like Marilyn Monroe said, if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best.

TMI? Wait until the next hundred…

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9 Responses to 101 Random Things About Me

  1. bradylife says:

    I really want to know how long it took you to come up with your 101 things? And, if you don’t mind, I might take your idea, and try to do my own. It might be good for me, having just left, to remember some of the best, and worst, things about myself!

    • You know what, Julie, it was so quick. You just do stream-of-consciousness and it happens. Please take me idea–it is a fun way to get to know ourselves and other people!

      • bradylife says:

        My ADD nature has me jumping all over the place trying to make this list… then I get randomly lost on memories that the list is bringing up. Ha. Maybe I need to take Ritalin before I finish!

      • That’s how mine started too. In fact, there were probably about 200 things about me until I edited them down. Don’t try to be logical, Julie. Whatever pops into your head, write down. That’s why it’s “random things.”

  2. Heather says:


  3. Cristine says:

    This is wildly wonderful! Thank you!

  4. amberherself says:

    I loved reading 100 Things About You! Particularly #64 because it sounds amazing, who doesn’t love wall to wall books? and #49 because cheese is everything.

    I posted my list a while back: http://wp.me/p132v4-3g : )

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