You think the birds are angry?

Okay, look, I pooh-poohed the first generation iPad. I didn’t need one–the only valid function was reading electronic books and I had a Kindle which has more books available in its library and is better for your eyes.

But then you all persuaded me of its multi-functionality and value. There are journaling apps! Writing prompts! Mind-mapping applications! Look how fantastic a cookbook is on the display! Gourmet is only going to be available as an iPad app now! You can watch television and movies!

Fine. I gave up. You won. You Apple cult people won me over. Clearly my very existence was suffering by not owning an iPad. My creativity, my productivity, my focus, my resources–all would improve vastly by owning an iPad.

So here’s where we are with this:

Yesterday was my first full day of iPad ownership; I downloaded 50 apps and only used ONE of them. FOR HOURS.

My name is Patricia and I am an Angry Bird-aholic.

That’s right. It appears I spent $500 to play a game that is available on the phone I already own.

Angry Birds is far from the coolest app I’ve downloaded–it’s not even the best game (I also invested in “World of Goo,” “SimCity,” “Super Monkeyball 2,” “Words with Friends,” and some “Create Your Own Pottery” simulation app). In fact, the plan was to briefly “stop by” Angry Birds on my way to exploring the rest of my app library, just so I could see what everyone was talking about, and then move on to the stuff I was REALLY looking forward to getting my fingers into.

I did NOT buy an iPad to play games.

However, those stupid green pigs were taunting me. I couldn’t stop. Every time I earned a new type of bird, it was a major achievement (I love the exploding one!). I couldn’t stop until I’d finished a level…and then I’d say, “Just one try,” so that I could see what the next level had in store, but then I would lose right off the bat and I had to try again. And again and again and again and again.

You know, I had been very happily oblivious to the existence of pissed off birds and defiant pigs. My life went on every day–I had stuff to do and I got things done. I had meaning and purpose.

Now I have a $500 slingshot. It’s time to move on to something much more relevant and productive. I guess I’ll try Fruit Ninja next.

If I don’t post again soon, please come find me.

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6 Responses to You think the birds are angry?

  1. Catana says:

    Well, don’t blame me. I’m a long-time Mac owner and I have no interest in the iPad. I may get a Nook or Kobo eventually, for reading, so I don’t have to sit at the computer 12 hours a day, but that’s it. I don’t play games, and I have all the apps I want on my computer, so the iPad is no temptation.

    Don’t worry. The novelty will wear off soon and you’ll be back to normal.

    • The funny thing is, I don’t use the iPad to read books–I still trust my Kindle for that, since it already has 600 books on it and is better on the eyes for continuous reading than the iPad. However, I do like the writing apps, prompts, magazines, and the like that are available through it.

  2. Jeri says:

    I have been tempted by the iPad as well, BUT!, I am waiting…for the upgrades, price reduction and most of all FREE-TIME once school is over. I am an internet/information junkie, for sure and I, too, will need a search party to come find me. ENJOY!

    • Jeri, I should remind you that it was YOUR husband and Beasley who encouraged me to get the iPad. In fact, they were trying to convince me to buy it at the Apple Store when we were at Maggiano’s! LOL. Bad influences.

  3. amberherself says:

    Haha, I have yet to join the Apple cult – owning a 4th gen ipod doesn’t count – does it? I always read tweets about people and their Angry Birds addiction and I’m sooo tempted to try it out, especially now after reading this post! Thanks a lot!

    • Amber, the funny thing is it is a ridiculously simple concept, although I think that could be the addictive part for me. It’s so nice to do something repetitive, that requires little concentration, and that doesn’t have life-changing implications.

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