Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (but not this week)

I’m really ticked off at Mother Nature.

My own mother, who has long fought her own battle with the elements as someone who doesn’t like to drive in rain, sleet, snow, dark, or wind, thought I was annoyed because I was “stuck” at her house and couldn’t get home to my stuff and my friends and my privacy as planned.

Raleigh in the snow...

While I’ll admit that it seems quite cruel that what will probably end up being the only winter storm in Raleigh occurred during my delicious week of the office being closed, as well as during the week of bowl games I planned to watch with friends, Mom’s not right about that.

I’m perturbed because I couldn’t hunker down in my little house, all snug and cozy, with a bottle of wine, a supply of hot chocolate, a long list of movies I’ve been meaning to watch and a tall pile of books I’ve been working my way through, and just sit and watch the flakes float and blow and land and pile while my Christmas tree twinkled in the dark and gasped its last breaths. My one chance all year (or in multiple years!) to see 6 or 7 inches of snow accumulated on my front porch or my car hood, and I was in Swansboro, by the coast, where it’s usually at least 10 degrees warmer than at my house and where it just about never snows. In the Great Blizzard of 2010, Swansboro was true to form. Despite the blur of snowflakes and driving winds, the snow fell here for a couple of hours, after a full night of rain, and accumulated about an inch or so. By this afternoon, it had melted away.

Snow on the beach...

Unfortunately, I can’t get home to see the snow in Apex and Raleigh because the roads between where I am and where I should be are still icy and iffy in some places.

This is all the more frustrating because I grew up in New York so I expected snow in the winter, longed for it, waited for it. Luckily, New York did not disappoint, with at least a couple of good storms each winter that meant snow days. In fact, the winter right before I moved down here, it seemed like we got a good dump of snow at least once a week. I hadn’t dug my car out in six weeks, and I didn’t need to, because I took public transportation everywhere and used my car only for long-haul transportation when I entered the wilds of Westchester county.

Snow in NYC...

Ah, those were the days…you could be sure of at least a few unexpected days off each season…I remember lying in bed in the early morning, listening to the clock radio while the snow was still freshly falling and the plows still hadn’t come through, stomach tense, waiting for a closing announcement (and not just for school when I was young–a snow day home from work as an adult was an even more exciting bonus!).

Of course, I still get snow days now because North Carolina doesn’t wait for the actual snow to fall and often decides to close down schools and offices the night before, even if not even one little tiny droplet has yet to fall from the sky. Just the threat of snow puts us into emergency mode, so even if the snow never falls (and it usually doesn’t) we do still get the excitement of waiting and preparing and hoping, and if you attend Wake County Schools, staying home even when the sun is shining and the road is dry.

Despite that, I am really, really wishing and hoping that this is not the last snowfall of the winter down here. I want that one day where I’m stuck in the house with no obligations that can’t be covered with, “The governor issued a state of emergency; I have to stay inside.”

And it had better not happen on a Friday night or Saturday, Ma Nature, that’s all I have to say about that!

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2 Responses to Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (but not this week)

  1. We have about 9-12 inches here…not sure when it’s supposed to stop.


  2. bradylife says:

    We moved to Charleston in 2006. It has snowed here twice. The first time was this past January. I was at my parents’ house. It snowed there, but I dud not get to see my OWN house in the snow. The second time was Sunday evening. Some time in the middle of the night, enough stuck to the ground to really showcase how much we need to use the leaf blower… since our yard is filled with leaves. But- in true snow at the beach form, there was no where near enough of anything to get me that day off from work! Maybe it will happen again! And I am with you… I do not want it on a weekend!

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