Letter to Santa

Dear Santa:

Hope you’re well, but I really don’t feel like getting into this whole naughty versus nice discussion again this year. I’ve repeatedly tried to explain that first, naughty can actually be nice, as well as the fact that these days, naughty is the new nice, but you insist on being a bit old-fashioned about it. We go back a long, long way now (but I’m grateful that next to you, I’ll always be a kid!), so I’ll just cut to the chase.

I’ve got what I need. You’ve been pretty generous over the years, along with the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, fate and luck. Oh, believe me, I have plenty of little problems that bug me day-to-day, give me some sleepless nights, stress me out during the day, and give me plenty of fodder for sarcastic tweets, but then I’ll hear or read about or see someone who is truly challenged, and I realize that I’m okay and should just move on. Overall, I’ve been pretty lucky and always had what I needed.

So while there are plenty of things I might want, almost selfishly, these are probably the kinds of things that would be marked #whitegirlproblems on Twitter. I’ve got family, friends, a job, a house, a car and a good haircut, so there’s nothing I really need. (And you and I both know that the couple of other things I might like really need to be taken up with fate and destiny, and possibly a literary agent, so I won’t take up any more time on your busiest day of the year.) Sometimes I get overwhelmed and forget this but eventually I’ll get some perspective.

So I’ll leave you some linguine and clam sauce (all those cookies will put you in sugar shock) and maybe a glass of Prosecco (oh, come on, like the reindeer aren’t practically on auto-pilot at this point), but you don’t have to worry about stuffing anything down the chimney.  

Besides, if everything were perfect, I would be so boring on Twitter and Facebook.

Let’s talk again next year, though. You never know.



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1 Response to Letter to Santa

  1. Cristine G. says:

    You’re quite cute.

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